Disney fires director James Gunn over offensive tweets

By Christopher Polk

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Yet another liberal hypocrite.

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Hmmmm....  If you look at some of the messages and sterotypes in Guardians not sure why thisa should be surprising.   seems the fact tha bad language or behavior or philosophy is in a movie or play makes it ok.  Like rape jokes?

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Anyone can be blamed for his/her past one way or another.

He may be an hipocrite, but I wonder who in one's life has not made a joke about something taboo nowadays.

Society is hypocrite.

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Yes, society is hypocritical. But a director tweeting jokes about being a pedo can't be too welcome in an industry that is already under fire for sex crimes, and hasn't even begun to face its long history of tolerating pedophiles in its midst.

Not to mention super-hero films are mostly the trans-fatty Chicken McNuggets of cinema.

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Stupid tweets, for sure.

Disney's history of racial stereotypes isn't much better, mind.

Gunn has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump and has drawn the ire of conservative critics, who went back through his timeline and dug up the tweets.

This is the crux of the matter. Look what happens when you speak out against the serial sex pest.

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Would love to see how much Disney Execs contributed to Donald Trumps campaign. Then lets take a look at all the things he said. What about that? Welcome to DisneyWood.

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He was making films for Troma while making those tweets. Have any of you seen a Troma film? They are just like his tweets, offensive. Like he said, he was being provocative and representing the company he worked for. Once he went mainstream, he apologized and moved on.

Not to mention, I've heard worse jokes on some of the recent Netflix comedy specials and those guys are getting paid to say them. Even Dave Chapelle's recent specials are full of rape jokes. I don't hear anybody railing for Netflix to stop working with him.

Being fired over a bunch of tweets from 10 years ago is stupid. It just tells us that society thinks that people aren't allowed to change.

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Perfect example of why social media is so dangerous to anyone, the world is going bonkers

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Perfect example of why social media is so dangerous to anyone, the world is going bonkers

Social media can be poison, for sure. I remember a time when publications relied on letters from its readership.

Some very odd stuff that just couldn't be published. Nowadays, commentary or tweeting is instant. And people are defined by such activity. Hey, maybe Gunn has changed - maybe the benefit of the doubt should be applied. After all, take a gander at the PotUS tweets from a few years ago - lots of contradictions. Hell, even changes from day to day.

Still reckon "Super" is Gunn's best film to date. Very dark.

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Jokes about pedophilia have never been ok, so he doesnt have "the changing times" as an excuse". Just another despicable Hollywood hypocrite.

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