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Disney ousts CEO; brings back Bob Iger to lead company


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Same garbage.. lol..

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Go woke, go broke.

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Overrated and overpriced. Mr. Disney did not intend for his dream to be a money hungry amusement park, however a family friendly affordable outing for families and that it is not anymore. For most families, they have to save for a long time and plan down to the last penny to make their kids' dream come true and that is pathetic. Only 20 years ago to go to Disneyland it was 34 dollars and for it to go from that price to 150 dollars is outrageous. Tokyo is catching up to the US price.

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Golly, maybe going more woke will fix the problem!

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When corporations start focusing only on the next quarter, profits will first rise, and then start crashing - the activists shareholders will shake their fists at the heavens and cry "why aren't dollars raining down any more!" and will sacrifice the CEO - whether they are long term good CEO's or not.

At least, that's what what happens at some US corporations.

As for Disney, short term profits are down - whether Iger will make a difference or not - I don't know and I can't tell from this news.

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