Disney delights 'Star Wars' devotees at CinemaCon

By Frankie TAGGART

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the Star Wars franchise is dead as a doornail.

SJWs and feminists killed it outright.

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Don't people have their own lives any more?

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Totally agree clamenza.

It's fine that people still enjoy this stuff. But, yeah...the Star Wars saga is dead and buried.

I wish they'd re-title the new spin offs to '(Spin off character name here): A random space adventure like Guardians of the galaxy'.

Then I think evertone could be satisfied?

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It's not dead, it's just on it's last legs. Young Kids will still enjoy the older films, just as Older Kids occasionally still do.

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I've been loving the new movies. They've been hitting it out of the park.

Weird that some people are saying the franchise is on its last legs when they keep making movies that make over $1 billion in ticket sales. I bet most movies wish they could fail so hard.

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Yeah I see it lasting a lot longer... Probably well after everybody here has turned up their toes.

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haa Nemdi - no doubt it will continue to cash in on its name as long as the mouth breathers are content with the usual explosions and whatnot.

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