Disney faces backlash over 'stereotypes' in first openly gay role

By Sonia Elks

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There's still white-face going on in Hollywood, both figuratively (casting white roles to other races) and literally (clowns) ;)=

Haters gonna hate.

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So liberal Hollywood goes out of its way to publicize a “gay role”. But instead of getting the acclaim they wanted from their virtue signaling they get criticized for stereotyping.

serves them right for their pandering. Very few cases where a character being gay is the most important attribute of their character in a story.

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Since you don't see a person if she/he is gay or not simply just by looking his/her face, a gay actor is not needed. Characters shall play when they are good at something, like Morgan Freeman for the wise man.

I remember when I was a kid, a lesbian (no one knew and anyway no one cared) had the role to entertain kid shows on TV that everyone loved. She was the best for it and still recognized as such.

You are not defined by what you want to look like but what you actually look like (physically and emotionalky)

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Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean was as camp as a row of tents so it's not the first time that Disney have done this.

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Before anyone got upset, should they not have asked what “openly gay” means? Does it mean the film character will have same-sex attraction? Or will it be someone who is homosexual, a person who sometimes acts on same-sex attraction? Or someone who is gay, a person who identifies with, and pursues, the gay lifestyle and community?

If people first defined their terms on both sides, maybe fewer campaigners would be campaigning or feel offended.

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Remember when Disney was just banging out enjoyable hit movies in the mid 90's (Cool Runnings, Heavyweights, Mighty Ducks, etc.....) where none of this controversial crap happened? I do.

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