Disney hits industry-first $7 billion at box office


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Aren't people bored yet with all these diluted flavors from the original Star Wars Trilogy?

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No, because rogue one is good, and better than the abomination that is episode I, II and III

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With Disney having the Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars brands, it will continue to make a massive amount money for a very long time.

Aren't people bored yet with all these diluted flavors from the original Star Wars Trilogy?

Obviously not! Don't you people get bored of shooting down what other people enjoy. Don't worry, there are at least 3 more films to come in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Enjoy.

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all these new records for profits and all are in some part due to currency inflation/depreciation. not that these movies are better than those before.

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One man's garbage is another man's citizen kane!!

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Rogue one was awesome. I absolutely loved it.

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Rogue One is one of the better Star Wars movies. It is certainly better than the Force Awakens (more consistent plot, etc.).

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Saw it and just as I called it, it stunk. The director threw in all the requisite nostalgia and explosions for the easy to please. The story and the lead actress, predictably, fell flat.

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It was awesome! One of the best Star Wars yet. Great nostalgia, some cool explosions. The story filled in a major plot hole from the original movie, and the lead actress was ok.

I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

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So where does all the money go? Actually, I know where it goes. Does everyone watch the credits? Movies are coming out faster and faster and they have LEGIONS of people working on them. I admit I have no exact numbers, but some of the bigger Marvel movies must be up to 10,000 named workers these days. And that is just ONE movie. Everyone pays attention to the first 10 names or so, but behind them are small towns full of people worldwide all collaborating on the look and feel. I think it is bonkers. Or.... wonderful. Or both.

And all those people get laid off and so they go work on direct to cable stuff and the quality of those presentations goes up. The writing improves, the look improves, prices fall. Even small budget YouTube stuff looks... pretty good. Amateur star trek episodes cost about a TENTH of what they cost to make in the 1960s.

With all this... WOW... people don't even care so much about ownership, which is weird. And you could hire half of PIXAR's staff and start your own PIXAR. The human capital is huge. Maybe that will be applied to virtually reality media.

When Disney crumbles and splits (it is already allowing alcohol sales in its parks starting tomorrow... bad omen..... ), we are in for a real explosion of entertainment down the road.

Frankly, my biggest worry is that they will run out of good stories to tell. Or maybe they already have.

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it is already allowing alcohol sales in its parks starting tomorrow... bad omen.....

They've sold beer at Disney Sea since it opened.

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Just saw Rogue One - definetely is what Lucas should have done with episodes I, II and III, and that would have saved his skin: realistic actions and characters, no frills. The final battle to break the shield was really fantastic. I only missed more creatures from different planets, like the ones that in the IV, V and VI. Totally recommend. There are reports of people watching it 10 times!!

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Planet vistas, landscapes, etc. in the film were knock you out stuff. Effects simply gone to a new level of finesse, with one particular planet shot so fabulous, it's agony when they cut away from it. I think people should have seen both Tomorrowland and The Finest Hours. Tomorrowland messed with you. It had a challenging script and didn't play it safe. Star Wars has to go forward. There's a ton of good writers out there, and just look at the imagination of illustrators going back to the 1920's pulp science fiction covers. Star Wars was a hit because it was new. By the way, did you recognize that robot from the very first Star Wars shed scene in Rogue? If he can still get work......

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Dre Hund, you mean the box-shaped robot (orange and white?). I mean, I saw a robot in Rogue One that immediately sent my memory to the scene in episode IV when C3PO and R2D2 are captured and are thrown in a recycling-like shop. Is it?

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