Disney makes it official -- 'Frozen 2' on the way


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I wonder if there will be a sequel to the Veronica Mars movie. I'd see it.

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was there any doubt, you have to milk a popular movie for all its worth, even if the 2nd 3rd 4th etc is less profitable as the first

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Darn. Now we'll all have to listen to that lame theme song all over again. I dunno which is worse, the English version or the Japanese version.

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I dont care about the movie persee, its the themesong that will be on repeat 24/7/365 sigh

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Disney: Blend it with Star Wars! Jar Jar sings, "Meeza let it go." How could it fail?

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Please Disney don't do it! Let it go!

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I can see why they'd want to from a financial standpoint, but I don't see where these characters need any more growth or change. Why not just leave them well enough alone, or if you must, tell a story in the same setting with new characters and the originals in supporting roles? And that kind of thinking, people, is why I am not working for Disney or any other film studio.

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oh dear....now where did i put those ear plugs....

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I would never have guessed that they would make a sequel of a popular anitmated film. Disney must employ a marketing genius.

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No surprises here! Strike while the ice is hot! I hope the second one is better than the first and also doesn't have as much singing in it.

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Hard to catch lightning in a bottle twice. At least it's retaining the same creative staff.

But it's about the songs - people's covers went worldwide viral.

They'd have to think of new songs that would elicit that fan reaction.

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I just discovered "Frozen" last week. I had been resisting for a whole year!! ...I fell in love and have been singing the songs for more than a week.

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I was hoping the sequel would be a zombie version.

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