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Disney throws down gauntlet in war on Netflix

By Rob Lever

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Martin said that in polling, US customers say they plan to use only two or three streaming services

I'll always use netflix- however, being a brand loyalist, I'd be very curious about Apple's streaming service.

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Hopefully this price competition will discourage Netflix for raising their prices yet again!

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Netflix price is going up, again.

I'll be looking to switch soon.

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Success will depend on new programming.  Just giving access to old stuff will not be enough.  Good for Netflix to get competition.  time to short their stock.

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Wished they had a cable news service as easy as movie/documentary streaming services nowdays....Netflix is good and I will be looking forward to testing this new Apple TV+, but wished they had tv streaming services you only provide your credit card and you're ready to go.

Cable TV contracts are still a pain in the ass when working here and there in different countries.

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Bittorrent is the future

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Disney is such a bore as it is for children. I do not watch their products!

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Disney isn’t necessarily aiming only at Netflix. They are doing what they have always done. Corner the child and family market.

Still. Most of these streaming services are still working towards profitability. That is why Netflix is raising their prices so much.

One of these streaming companies will go bust soon. Most likely Netflix since it operates on mostly debt.

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Disney is such a bore as it is for children. I do not watch their products!

Thanks for taking valuable time to come here today and tell us. Disney is for all ages, and not just confined to kids stuff. Besides, we're all big kids at heart.

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Disney-owned TV series and movies can only go so far.

It'll depend on how well they license non-Disney properties on their streaming service.

Would competitor studios cooperate with them? How much would they promote non-Disney properties? Etc.

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Of course Disney will have an upper hand gradually. When a kid is crying, a parent will have to stop watching his thriller series on Netflix and switch to Disney.. :)

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LIke most parents...we have both or all three, or But arguably enough because Disney owns pretty much everything...Jeez, the own a 51 percent stake in seven holdings Japan ( 711)...So there is no way to know how deep their reach is and how far they can go...They own most of the filming companies..and so on and so fourth..I know this because I used to work for Disney so its not really an if, its more like when. When I was working at the original studio office ;) 5 - 6 yrs ago they already had been working in taking over Netflix. So its really, what is move after that...Disney is not going to take grown up films away, just to be clear. They would never do that.

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