Disney's animated adventure 'Planes' enters tailwind of 'Cars'


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Darned Disney... always trying to milk Pixar for what its worth. I have to admit though, Wreck-it-Ralph was a pretty good CGI film for Disney.

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Eventhough children may enjoy this, I kind of see this as a way for Disney & Pixar to cash in on one of their projects.

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Sorry to say that Disney is making films that are really not very good, in just about every genre. They need to study some of the wonderful modern Japanese anime to get some new ideas.

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Wreck-it-Ralph was aweseme! As for this Cars franchise... the last one was unwatchable, and now they've moved onto Planes? Next will be Trains? Oh wait, Thomas the Tank Engine might start up some legal issues.

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For good use of a crop duster, see North by Northwest (movie).

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How many more of these 'plucky underdog' stories are Pixar/Disney going to churn out? I'd rather watch the "Penguins of Madagascar" any day than another anthropomorphic vehicle or plane film.... at least commando penguins are funny.

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Hey, it's just another company making films for kids. And making money as companies do. Keep that in mind.

Kind of how strange how adults feel the need to dissect films, music and everything else that's actually made for kids. Is it because they never grow up?

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