Disney's next bad girl Gomez defends raunchy movie role


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deliberately trashy film, which includes pornographically-shot nudity and lesbian frolicking

Lesbianism is trashy? Wow, that's unbelievably offensive. JapanToday, is that a new low for you?

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"highly sexualized and violent" " It’s just me doing something that I really want to do" Does Justin know what he's gotten himself into?

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"trashy film" sounds like a sophomoric plot ( guilty pleasure for many) with nudity and sexual situations. So, Alia sis, the article doesn't imply that lesbianism is trashy, but rather the plot itself is trashy.

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The funny part of this article is : " The articulate and bright young woman..." who then displays her articulated speech à la Valley Girl " He thought I was like this super, super Christian. And he put away all of this art. I was like, ‘If I was a Christian girl I probably wouldn’t have done this movie with (him).’” Like, you know? I'm SO sure!

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Raunchy, trashy and unwholesome are words used by people whose company I prefer to avoid. They would have us all in dressed in plain black from ankle to wrist to chin, like we used to be.

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"bikini-clad actresses rob tourists on Florida beaches"

This sounds like a great movie, ha ha! Whenever I go to the beach the only thing I have with me is a drink, a beach towel, suntan lotion and the swimming trunks I'm wearing with the coin locker key in the inner pocket which no one could get without me knowing it, ha ha!

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Justin is just as bad and naughty. He got a tattoo - sure knows how to shock people.

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What's up with Mickey Mouse world that they have to sink to this low? Guess nothing is "sacred".

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Is Disney owned by the Chinese?

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Sound like another stupid tart in the making, perhaps already made, NEXT!

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Maybe she's like so many Japanese "talents" whose only real talent is looking good in a bikini.

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She just wants to get paid, and if being slutty gets her sales, then more power to her. She has a short window of opportunity during her 20's to rake in the cash using her attractiveness, before she passes her expiration date. So just let her be people

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I can't blame her to want to break the image of a super sweet Disney character. Plus it has to be a lot more fun to play a bad women than a good women. It was like the guy who played harry Potter doing a nude scene,to break out of the Harry Potter Image

Let her play as may different roles as possible and then she will be able to survive beyond her youth. Women are cast aside far too young,compared to men, by Hollywood. It takes time to develp real talent, and that to me is mre important than being temporary eye candy.

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That is what this world has turned into. Smoking bongs, sex, and violence. Can't live with it. Can't live without it.

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I really like Disney and Selena Gomez but my guess, heck she is 20?? Almost legal to drink and all of that, just like the kid who plays Harry Potter, so they are only HUMAN, they want to go out drink, smoke some bongs etc..but I do not want my little kids to know that their heroes are doing this, Daddy daddy, I wanna smoke a bong like my childhood hero, Selena Gomez?? I guess if she really is doing drugs etc..she can kiss ever being allowed into JAPAN!! Kind of like Maradona and a bunch of other famous folk, the Hilton sisters etc..no more Japan for these folk.

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i think it's about time she tries to get rid of her disney image ... maybe she gets interesting now

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Disney is to be discounted for any decent entertainment I am sad to say, as a researcher into modern Visual Culture, i study this area a lot and Disney has never had much to reccomend it and even less now.

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Disney is to be discounted for any decent entertainment I am sad to say, as a researcher into modern Visual Culture, i study this area a lot and Disney has never had much to reccomend it and even less now.

Not to panic, never much more than anime at least, heheheh.

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so not a fan of hers but she's a grown woman so let her act in any type of movie, disney sux!

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