'Django Unchained' dolls banned by eBay as 'offensive'


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It's been the Low Road for Q.T. as this flick will attest to! After his" Kill Bill" set he started on that slippery slope and is reduced to Sick Parody with No redeeming values at all. Perhaps Tarantino should be banned,like those butt ugly dolls!

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I dont see how the movie is racist or how these dolls are racist. The movie has racism in it. It's set in colonial america, it's to be expected. The story is about how a black man does everything he can to save his wife who is enslaved from a pretty evil plantation owner. I don't see how that is racist.

If I were to watch a WW2 movie It would be unrealistic if jewish people weren't persecuted in some way or another. That doesn't mean that the movie is racist though.

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If Quentin Tarantino was black, would there be such a fuss over his new movie? I ask you that. You guys can downvote till your hands melt off but you know damn well the answer to that. You know it's true.

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insane- unless there is an alternate wardrobe underneath the one in the box these are the most sedate action figures i have seen ever. all appropriately clothed and poised.

as for the them being Racist? most Black women would not have been able to dress in outfits that nice in those days. neither would the black men in racial areas.

the west was a bit more lenient - but mainly because most black men were part of the cavalry

typical knee jerk

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Political Correctness gone mad. What's wrong with the dolls? They failed to ban the movie, so now they're trying to ban the merchandise. It's simply sour grapes.

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I think the idea would have been to buy these dolls to sell on EBay. Now eBay has prevented it, the price will be really high to buy these.

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Check Amazon, they sell for over $400 a piece now

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It seems that the people who make their living from racism have been shouting the racist word again. Why is that people want to hide from the past and act like it never existed?

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Just GOOGLED up the pics for this so called RACIST Django doll, NOTHING racist about it!

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So, does that now mean that something set in the past that deals with racist attitudes, is now deemed racist ? The crowd screaming 'racist' (probably white middle-class) would have flipped, had they seen the films 'Mandingo' and 'Drum'.

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The film was neither particularly racist nor anti-slavery/bigotry. Tarantino didn't become famous for realistic plots and dialogue, but Django Unchained was just stupidly violent. I was sickened both by the blood and having wasted $15 to see it.

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Then Latinos should make a Latino pride group and ask to recall Dora the Explorer toys because they are also racist, and also the white people should recall Barbie and Bratz dolls because they are also... so is offensive to buy dolls of slaves or former slaves because it means we are buying slaves? Maybe with that criteria buying every toy depicting humans is a slavery act...

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Where the dolls are few, the profits are many.

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Yeah, like when I "escaped" to Japan right after 9-11 NYC... two friends were killed at the WTC and I was grieving, and I was in Akihabara near the JR station and there was some idiot, perhaps an Iranian, selling little Osama Bin Ladin dolls... oh ha ha, what a great joke... I would have taken his head off had he been in my native NYC... so, sensitive over a doll about some ficticious movie character? Oh, a big "waa waa" to you sensitive souls, there are some of us with actually serious objections to the glorification of evil men.

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Oh, a big "waa waa" to you sensitive souls, there are some of us with actually serious objections to the glorification of evil men.

Fine. But Bin Laden dolls are not the case here. These are fictional characters. I had a Darth Vader doll when I was a boy, little did I know I was an accomplice to the glorification of an evil man.

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