Domingo won't perform at Tokyo Olympics cultural events

By Mari Yamaguchi

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The #MeToo movement has not caught on in Japan with the intensity it has in the U.S. and other Western countries, in party because victims here tend to remain silent due to widespread fears about backlash in a society where gender inequality is still evident.

As if backlash doesn't happen in those Western countries either.

Anyhow, has it ever occurred to the writer of this article that, gasp, Japanese people may take their time in determining facts before automatically assuming guilt of harassment or rape?

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The MeToo movement in the west has turned into the court of public opinion or a kangaroo court. I am glad that this movement hasn't caught on in Japan. The movement now is more about people on the social media piling on someone regardless of evidence. Like all movements today, they start off genuine and for good reasons, but then people start abusing it for their own gains.

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You'd think that given the sexist male attitudes in Japan, particularly in business and government, that he'd feel welcome here...

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I'm still troubled by men losing their reputations, and sometimes their careers, over "allegations." Whatever happened to due process?

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Mens ought to stop forcing themselves on women, thinking a sense of entitlement of a woman body

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DIdn't even know he was planning to come and perform. Ergo, doesn't seem like much of a loss.

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The metoo movement has ruined many a reputation.

Enough is enough.

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Due Process ,should of thought of this,before lots of men let their thingy ruin their life

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