Doraemon topples Godzilla's audience figure record


Movie distribution company Toho announced Tuesday that the Doreamon movie series has became the most watched in Japanese movie history.

Since the release of "Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur" in 1980 to last year's "Doraemon: Nobita and the Island of Miracles—Animal Adventure," 98 million tickets had been sold for Doraemon's annual, animated adventures. On March 9, Japan saw the release of the 34th feature length movie in the series, "Doreamon: Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum."

Toho announced that as of March 22, ticket sales reached 1.56 million, meaning that the Doreamon movie series has now attracted over 100 million viewers, toppling the previous record set by Godzilla, which sold 99 million tickets in 28 movies.

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Well, they stopped the Godzilla series how many years ago? It was inevitable that the continuing series would surpass the cancelled one.

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I can't believe a blue cat robot has toppled the venerable Godzilla.

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We can hope that the new US made Godzilla film revives the box office fortunes of this venerable cinema icon.

Of course, that all depends upon both the story being told and, more importantly, just what the new Godzilla looks like. I want to be optimistic, but if recent history is any guide, Godzilla may be in trouble and his fans in for a big disappointment.

That said, until we see some actual footage we can do little but hope for the best.

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Perhaps Hollywood will purchase the franchise rights to Doraemon, and have JJ Abrams direct it.

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Well Toho about time for a new Gojira movie then!

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I want to see a live action Doraemon movie made using that cast from the Toyota commercials.

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But could Dora-chan beat Gojira in a fair fight?

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He last Godzilla film was 2005.... so the earless blue cat from outer space has had seven years clear clear space. Apart from a cameo in "Always Sunset on Third Street 2" he's been off the screen for a long time.

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Dora-chan daisuki desu !

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Where can I buy some hon yaku konyaku?

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I was surprised when I read how much money the Tsuribaka Nisshi (釣りバカ日)/Fisherman Fool's Diary has made since the first film in the series in 1988. There have been 21 films since that one, most recently in 2009, and they have all done fairly well in Japanese theatres. And yet I don't think the series has been exported much at all outside of Japan.

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