'Downton Abbey' to return for Season 5 on Jan 4; 'Sherlock' date up in the air


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Misleading headline. The return of Sherlock is not up in the air; just the date.

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Isn't that the BBC Sherlock? Why call it PBS?

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This appears to be a press release from PBS - which licenses the series from BBC.

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And what relevance is it to JapanToday what PBS shows?

I'd be more interested in knowing when NHK plans to run Series 2 of DA.

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We have readers all over the world.

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FAB! Totally concur T2.

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@Cleo.... Both Downton Abbey and Sherlock are British TV shows....

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Both Downton Abbey and Sherlock are British TV shows....

...and telling people in Japan that they can be seen on US TV is interesting and useful in what way? I would like JapanToday to tell us when these excellent programmes will be shown on Japanese TV.

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If it was a product then maybe, just maybe you can get it shipped over to Japan, but for a program airing in another country it would be a long long wait till it comes to Japan and I'll get that info from other dedicated news outlets. Perhaps covering material that can be viewed in Japan whether it be by terrestrial, satellite, blue-ray or internet would be a better choice of news coverage.

Moderator: Not at all, since 60% of our readers live overseas.

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Misleading headline and info that is only accurate and useful to US readers. In a Japanese paper. Weird. Sherlock is made by the BBC, and a Christmas episode will be made in 2015. The BBC has already announced this. Downtown Abbey is made by ITV in the UK, and the next series was announced a long time ago as well. The dates given only apply to the US, which is pointless as a) the programmes will premiere in the UK and b) if you publish this press release to benefit 'readers all over the world' why only give info that benefits those in the US? Especially as these are UK programmes.

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Yes very good cleo and elizabeth. This story is useless. Nobody come to JapanToday to read about PBS show

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