Drive-in theaters experiencing renaissance in U.S. due to pandemic


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The last movie I saw at a drive-in, in my Dad's 1963 Ford Galaxie, was "Dr. No."

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Wake uo !! People stop falling for this BS. Your freedom its slowly being stripped away

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Mask as. Hip and kool ,"things to do "

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The South Drive-In, just about a mile uh, south of me in uh, SOUTH Columbus OH :) normally would have been open sometime in April showing movies but stayed closed during this thing. However, soon after it's 70th anniversary, which is in a few days they intend to reopen to the public.

They'll keep social-distancing rules in place at the concession stand, and the few that still use the speakers (normally you use your car radio to listen nowadays) will be provided with wipes.

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In the post-Covid world, private transportation may see a resurgence.

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How about in Japan?

File under “dated”: there was a drive-in movie theater outside Sapporo 40 years ago.

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Came here in ‘84. Never once in all my travels by car saw a drive in movie theater. Loved those on Long Island NY.

That little hotdog jumping up and down, mosquitoes finding their way in the cracked window above the speaker, he speaker that crackled due to twisted wires..

Nostalgic to say the least. My family sold it though and my friends not happy about that.

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Loved going to drive-ins as a child. As an adult, it was great taking my girlfriend to one and we could sit inside the car with the temperature and volume controlled to our liking, no cigarette smoke (1980s), no kids, no people talking loudly or kicking the back of your chair, etc. Best of all, we could get our groove on without being noticed! Hope they come to Japan but I won't hold my breath.

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Drive-in movie theaters were one of the best things around that unfortunately slowly disappeared. Some of my best memories as a kid and teen were at drive-ins. Used to play on the playground equipment right under the giant screens until it got dark and the movie started. Freedom to do whatever you wanted in your car. I hope they make a big comeback!

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Home videos and cable TV weren't the only culprits behind the closing of drive in theaters. The death knell was played with something called Daylight savings time. As a kid, we could head to the drive in about 8, started getting dark between then and 9, and two features (Sometimes a third, but often just the first feature was played again) First film I saw at the drive in was Follow That Dream with Elvis Presley. Last movie I saw at the drive in was with my wife was Little Darlings with Tatum O'Neil and Kristy McNichol. They were a staple of my teen entertainment (including the backseat mambo) as dating often revolved around them once we got cars.

The drive-ins around here are long gone: replaced by Walmart stores. The joke many of us tell about the drive in days is to point at whichever Walmart replaced the drive-in and say, "Ya Know, more babies were conceived in women's underwear than any other spot in the county."

I did my part to make the joke work.

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My mom was telling me about a place in Jersey, where we live, that has a drive-through. Yes that’s right, it still has one. It’s down in some rural area in South Jersey, it was a very interesting story. I also remember hearing very interesting stories about things like you guys in the comments were talking about. And I’m sure if it does make a comeback, they’ll be plenty more stories to be told to future generations! :)

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But people like their home movie rooms

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