Duchovny and Anderson say they want more 'X-Files'


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Mulder is cool, but Hank Moody is my hero!

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The X-Files were awesome, we bought the whole series on DVD. But 'I want to beleive' was atrocious, so Gillian, a huge fans voice here says to the studio....don't do it.

Start something new.

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Wow... they're still around.

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I would love to see a follow-up movie or series.

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Let me translate that, we want to make more money from "The X -Flies" and continue some romantic.

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Agree with spinningplates, the 2008 movie was terrible, even worst than a below average X-files TV episode.

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Just because the last movie wasn't so well received (though I liked it), that doesn't mean the next movie can't be good. Especially after what will be at least a six year break.

You really don't want to find out what else happens to these characters after all this time? Even the mediocre episodes of the series were better than 90% of tv shows out there.

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The show started great but it got really old and thin in the middle. I would not bother seeing anything new from the storyline unless it got rave reviews from others who spent their time watching.

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Saw those two in New York signing autographs and photo ops.

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