DVD commemorates 30th anniv of singer Momoe Yamaguchi's retirement


Fuji TV on July 30 will release a commemorative DVD to mark the 30th anniversary of idol singer Momoe Yamaguchi's retirement. The DVD will include every appearance that Yamaguchi made on the network's legendary music program "Yoru no Hit Studio."

The "Tokushu Sayonara Yamaguchi Momoe" DVD consists of seven hours, including never-before-seen cuts of her musical performances and interviews.

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Best Retirist!

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Does every idol get this recognition after 30 years away or is some group of drunken middle-aged executives feeling a little nostalgic and believe their peers will feel the same way and purchase the DVD? Just asking…

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I wonder what she looks like now.

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I can think of a few other current idols that should consider retiring soon.

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Chotto matte ... playback, playback!

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If you cant see her anymore...you may see her eldest son ! http://www.mimu-net.net/en/news.php?newsid=2382&pge=14

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Does every idol get this recognition after 30 years away

I suspect they're coming out with this DVD thing because Yamaguchi's 30-year-old songs are still selling well even though she quit a long long time ago. (Sort of like the Beatles reissues.) I think she's popular now because she quit while she was on top of her game rather than after sliding into crappy TV dramas, photo books, and oblivion.

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noirgaijin, you have to realize that Momoe Yamaguchi was a HUGE star at the time. She was first and foremost a very talented singer and songwriter. She is also considered to be a great actress, that's how she met her future husband, Miura Tomokazu. As borscht said, her songs are still selling well, she left when she was on top of her game, and she didn't look back. I think she has done something short of a miracle in becoming a private citizen and being able to avoid the Japanese media. I guess this just shows how powerful the people around her, and perhaps her husband, are. Love to get the dvd set, but it is a bit pricey.

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