Dylan Farrow breaks silence on Woody Allen abuse allegation


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What a pig! Why isn't this guy in jail?

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^b/c nothing has been proven

sexual abuse is beyond horrible and I hope to see that he is fried IF it did happen, but until that time... he's innocent

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Why don't she go to Police?

I believe Police will investigate her claims anyway.

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Way too late to be bring this out in the open if it happened. You and your mother should have protested much more even well after the divorce to get your point across!

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The issue here is that the allegations surfaced during a divorce, which is strange to start with. Plus, we know that young children can easily be influenced into developing false memories. In the 80s, there was an entire phase where psychologists would question kids over potential serial as abuse constantly, and then they would come out with insane allegations (see the Amiraut's case for examples). It was the satanic sex abuse child care craze.

Turns out that kids want an adult's approval, so if you keep asking about sexual abuse again and again when they say it didn't happen, at one point, the kids will think "saying no doesn't seem to be the right answer, he keeps asking me the same questions, maybe yes is the right answer". Then kids will start saying yes, to see if that's what the questioner wants to hear, and they may come up with elaborate stories to support this. No one remembers well their childhood, so being forced to repeat it again and again may lead to false memories, where the children, now adults, start believing that all of this really happened.

That really can make it hard for people to differentiate real cases from false cases that emerge from the methods used to question young possible victims. In addition, such manufactured abuse can be just as traumatic as real abuse.

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Soon-Yi Previn , his wife, was adopted child of Mia Farrow, while they were still together , and in fact, the discovery of him having relation with Soon-Yi Previn was the thing that forced Mia Farrow to file for divorce.

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Nenad Jovanovic: Yeah, I always thought that was pretty nasty. I don't think too many people who know me would call me a prude but there's just something reprehensible to me about the thought of having an affair with the 19-year old daughter of your longterm partner. Besides the inappropriateness of it, it just doesn't seem like a kind thing to do to your partner. I know they've been married for quite some time now but that does nothing to change my opinion about how it started.

DaDude: Way too late to be bring this out in the open if it happened. You and your mother should have protested much more even well after the divorce to get your point across!

I'm not making any assertion as to whether this actually happened or not but seriously, the girl was 7 or 8 years old. How much protesting do you expect a child of that age to engage in given what she says happened. After that, the alleged trauma made her cut off all contact from Allen and later to go so far as changing her name to avoid both him and the media. Everyone has different ways of dealing with trauma and what you might have done and was right for you doesn't make it the right thing for someone else to have done.

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I'm not sure if we are able to leave links, but this article is illuminating.


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Among the elitists in Hollywood and big names in film even child molestation is no big deal - all the Libs in Tinsel Town still love Roman Polanski. Why should Woody be any different. It's sad but very little shocks me about these people any more.

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The whole sorry story is murky with ulterior motives and self-serving relatives.

I suspect that the poor child's interests were ignored by all parents. As an adult, she may find no more resolution than was to be found back then, and may well regret speaking out - this publicity will do her no good re. living a healthy, healing life.

Proving child abuse (unless 'invasive' or violent, when there would be actual physical signs) is notoriously difficult, and fraught with problems, due to the child's youth, parental influence (feeding lines) and the court's desire to protect the child...

Legally, Allen has done nothing wrong, and has in fact been allowed to adopt children with Soon-Yi. The worst the judge could accuse him of was being "self-absorbed, untrustworthy and insensitive."

The truth of the story may be that he did abuse her and a blind eye has consistently been turned, as convenient. But what's going to happen now? She has been sucked into this via.her mother and brother.

Still, too often, the victims of abuse are doubted, ignored and silenced. She must be allowed to speak, and her story must be heard and considered.

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Why did he want custody of Mia;s daughter? She is not his daughter.

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@Toshiko - they adopted children together, as well as apparently having a child. He wanted the right to see his children.

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