Dylan, McCartney, Stones lined up for mega-concert: report


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We will never see their like again. It's so disappointing. But that doesn't mean we should go on recycling them. None of them has produced anything of note in at least 37 years (The Wall).

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The acts all remain active but pull in major audiences eager to see them for historic reasons.

And because those of us who'd pay the hefty prices have a proper taste in music! Just wait till the reunited GNR do a world tour! Salivating!

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Dylan couldn't sing if his life depended on it. But he's still a great entertainer, ha ha!

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You may have had an argument there Moonraker had you not lumped Dylan in. The last 25 years or so of his career may be his best. From World Gone Wrong all the way up to his latest record is probably the strongest longest run of his career. Not to mention that he wrote perhaps the greatest single book ever on the topic of music (Chronicles 1). He has certainly produced works "of note" recently.

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geeze. with all these geezers in one arena. the smell of ben-gay might overpower all the fans. but wait, there fans would also be using it. nevermind, carry on!

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I saw Paul McCartney at Tokyo Dome last year and thought he was great and would go see him again if given the chance. I am hoping that the Stones will make it to Tokyo one more time. I also saw Elton John last year and just saw Eric Clapton on April 16th and if you think these concerts are boring and will put you to sleep then you are sadly mistaken, these artists can still make people stand up and move and by the way there are a lot of young people at these concerts also. You do not go to see them because of what they have done recently but to honor them for their great contribution to music and also to thank them for all of the great music that you may have listened to 50 years ago but that you also still listen to today.

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None of them has produced anything of note in at least 37 years

You may have a point. Beethoven, Mozart, Taischcovsky, Chopin and Elvis have all been a little quite lately.

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I say, get McCartney to play a Stones song, and then get the Stones to play a Beatles song, and then get McCartney and Jagger to sing a duet. Then out walks Clapton, then Elton, then Daltry, then Plant for a rousing rendition of “Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey.”

Then to really get the crowd rockin', Prince.

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Beethoven, Mozart, Taischcovsky, Chopin and Elvis have all been a little quite lately.

And, coincidentally, have all given up touring.

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Paul should pair up w/ Ringo Star. What's Ringo been up to lately. Both him and Charie Watts are pretty cool drummers from that era

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None of them has produced anything of note in at least 37 years (The Wall).

Well that's a matter of taste I suppose. The Rolling Stones album "Tattoo You" was great and "Bridges to Babylon" is woefully underrated. Mick Jagger's solo album "Wandering Spirit" is fantastic and Keith's solo albums, particularly "Talk is Cheap" are well worth giving a listen. And as for Neil Young, "Freedom" and "Ragged Glory" are among his finest recordings, as is "Mirrorball" with Pearl Jam. I also really like "Americana" and "Psychedelic Pill". And check out "Rushes" the second album which Paul McCartney released under the pseudonym The Fireman, it's amazing. As for Roger waters I really like his solo albums since leaving Pink Floyd, and if you've ever seen him live it would be hard to say he's a has-been. I for one am very happy they are all still producing music, are touring and are still a part of my life. You don't know what you've got, until it's gone.

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None of them has produced anything of note in at least 37 years (The Wall).

Well, I'm pretty sure Dylan got a Grammy for Time Out Of Mind, a decent album, around the turn of the century. You might want to check that one out. On the whole though, I think huge numbers of long time fans (I'm not going to try to pull a percentage out of my backside) wish all of these old geezers would just go into permanent retirement before they embarrass themselves. AC/DC (Angus), are you listening?

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@expat. My bad, i stand corrected. And "no."

Anyways, all these great bands and artists coming together is just great. I would like to see some huge 80's groups comeback to tour the big venues.

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wish all of these old geezers would just go into permanent retirement before they embarrass themselves

How are they embarrassing themselves? The blues singers who inspired these bands sing until they die. Tony Bennett is singing in his 80s. Sinatra sang until the alcohol finally caught up with him at his final concert in Fukuoka. Artists around the world generally keep creating their art until they are physically unable to continue

It's what they do, and they do it well. Why on earth should they retire if they don't want to? Some of them run out of ideas, yes, but many of us still want to hear them live. A few of them actually put out some of their best stuff when they are older. We don't hear about it because the media focuses on young music for young people. But just because it never makes the top 20 or wins a Grammy doesn't mean it isn't great music. In fact, most of the best and most personal music never does.

People are free not to listen to this music (though many will rediscover it after the artists have passed away). But I would rather hear these guys sing than 99% of the newer artists. Why? Because, in their time, they were the exceptional 1%. You're getting the pure stuff, aged though it may be. If you go to a concert with new artists, you'll be forced to sit through 99 forgettable acts to hear one great one.

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To reply to my critics, I am sure these performers have produced worthy works in the past 40 years. They are all talented musicians after all. It would be strange if they had not pumped out something to satisfy their fans. But there has been nothing that has made a splash on the consciousness of the listening public since The Wall. They are no longer centre stage, no longer speaking to the young, no longer relevant to the young, except perhaps as figures of reverence from the past. It is a shame indeed that they cannot still do it because there is precious little content to the stuff that has filled the vacuum in recent years. Their like will never be seen again; great musicians, great writers, great performers.

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A fantastic, era-defining event.

For one blissful weekend every bar and coffee shop in the States and probably many other countries will be missing it's "music's all rubbish these days" borehards.

I can't wait.

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I hope the play some dedication songs:


When Doves Cry or Purple Rain would be great. RIP to a great Artist and Musician, thanks for the songs and memories.

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