Eastwood says he'd love to be directing at age 105


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I hope you can, Mr. Eastwood.

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Clint's got it right: Retirement is a farce. Want to stay alive? Keep working. Work gives us purpose and meaning. Both go when we retire. So keep working -- if you want to be around.

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It's too bad most companies force people to retire by 65 or before.

A bigger trick for Eastwood would be to reprise Dirty Harry at age 105. Well, as long as he can say "You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?" he should be able to pull it off!

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I wonder if he will still be having conversations with empty chairs at 105?

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@Bura- We all make mistakes.

BTW I talk to the tv sometimes. Even scream at it. ;)

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I hate his politics, but he has the right attitude about directing. I hope I get to see a new film by him in 20 years!

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"I wonder if he will still be having conversations with empty chairs at 105?

If Biden doesn't show up at the debate, heh heh

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If he sticks with the Republicans, maybe we can expect 'Billion Dollar Candidate' as a biopic somewhere down the line.

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