Ebi-chan, 2 other models star in Samantha Thavasa ad


Popular models Yuri Ebihara, 31, Mizuki Yamamoto, 20, and Hazuki Tsuchiya, 17, will star in a forthcoming TV commercial campaign for luxury handbag maker Samantha Tavasa named, "Samantha Muse All Stars Commercial."

Ebihara, popularly known as Ebi-chan, said, "We packed the commercial with the kinds of things that girls love."

Five-member all-girl group Dream were also recruited to perform the song "Dreaming Girls" used in the commercial. Yamamoto said, "The song is a sparkling, girly tune. It suits the commercial perfectly."

"Samantha Muse All Stars Commercial" started airing on TV on Tuesday.

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Ebi chan looks ravishing as always.

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Great pic JT. DIdnt know who she was until now. me likey

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DIdnt know who she was until now.

Really? You havent been in Japan long. About 4 years ago she was in more commercials and on more billboards than AKB are now. There was no escape from her or Kumi Koda.

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She is maturing nicely.

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Didn't she change her name after getting married??

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tmarie - Ebi chan is rich and famous. Rich and famous women don't generally change their names when they get married.

Anyway, if your name was Yuri Ebihara and you married a guy named Ilmari, would you change your name to Yuri Ilmari? Actually Ilmari is his Finnish middle name, his last name is Ogihara, but he doesn't go by Ogihara.

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WESTERN rich and famous women don't often change their last name. I can't think of a single rich and famous Japanese woman who has. And with the way Japanese law is, she or he, will have to change their name if they have kids. From my understanding, she changed it once she got married.

And thanks for the info but well aware as I love Iimari. Ogihara is better than Ebihara, no?? But then she would have to give up her kawaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii nickname.

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But then she would have to give up her kawaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii nickname.

And besides, odds on she is only going to have to go back to her maiden name before the end of next year....

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Hahaha! I don't know dent, they do seem happy - which is odd for two j celebs! Perhaps because it wasn't a dekichatta!

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I wonder how much one can earn from signing a contract to become a model/spokesperson for a brand like this.

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