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Eddie Murphy selected to host Academy Awards


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I will always remember him from Mr. Robinson's neighborhood in SNL or when we acted as the pimp trying to sell the book "I want to be a h#*.

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I am just "Delirious" about the news. I like it when he imitates "white people." Should be a fun show.

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Nice to see him doing something other than silly kiddie movies. I mean, remember Trading Places and 48 Hours??? He was great back before he thought he could just mug at the camera.

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i hope he just does his early 80's stand up routine. Gay Mr.T and all

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What took them so long? Eddie Murphy is the gratest comedian alive, Richard Pryor would have been so proud!

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Been wondering what became of Eddie Murphy. He's been MIA for quite some time! Agreed, he deserves respect, and it's about time he got some!

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Came as a surprise, never thought he can make it. Known as a great comedian, though if my recollection is correct I saw him playing drama, was a convict or something like that. I liked him in that movie, he was good. Never understood why he always played in comedies.

I always thought, thought, playing comedy is more difficult than playing drama. In a drama tragic things always have great affect on the viewers and grab their attention and emotions even if the actor is not the best and dramas can be performed in many ways. Meanwhile jokes can be performed only one way, the perfect one, and to make jokes work needs a lot of skill and perfection, actors even have care about so tiny details such as when they take breath.

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correctly =I always thought, though, I did it again, sorry.

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Good choice! Eddie Murphy is pure genius. Sure, he's starred in a number of duds, a couple among the arguably worst movies of all times, but nonetheless. Have loved him from his early days at SNL to present.

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Never understood why he always played in comedies.

Because he a comedic actor. He always has been.

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