Eddie Van Halen undergoes surgery; cancels Japan tour


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All right, Eddie, take care, and we'll see you and the rest of Van Halen next year!

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EVH, get well and

Light 'em up

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Eddie, you ROCK, one of my favorites!! Get well soon, you are one of the greats!

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Wow... most of the original members! That's cool.

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Amazing how young some of these guys look near their golden years... get well Eddie.

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Amazing how young some of these guys look near their golden years

Ya I agree, his dentures look amazing

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Ya I agree, his dentures look amazing

I read the Sammy Hagar autobiography and EVH was a mess for a long time. Nice to see him looking alive again though, I've been a big fan for a loooooong time!

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Headline: Cancel Article: Postpone

Which is it?

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Wow, no Whiner (SNL) jokes. I hope Eddie gets well, and they are able to tour Japan nest year. I really like the new album, and am glad that Diamond Dave is back. Wish the lineup was all of the original members, but that'll probably never happen. Take your time and get healthy Eddie, we'll be here when you're ready.

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Had to look up "diverticulitis". Perhaps this is the result of years of eating junk food with no fiber whilst on the road? Anyway, get well soon.

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