Eight-year-old is highest paid YouTuber, earning $26 million in 2019


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Thought the platform was for 13 yr olds and over?

Being cute is a business model?

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What? You're more than 12 years old and haven't made your first million dollars? What have you been doing with your life??

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His latest video, "How to Grow Bacteria DIY Science Experiment with Ryan!!!!" was uploaded 16 hours ago and has over 450,000 views. Fairly entertaining.

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Unfortunately the next letters in the alphabet after ABC will be IRS.

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I hope he saved his millions. Starting in Jan 2020, all kid friendly videos will no longer be eliagable for monitization, or AD's. Comments will be turned off as well. There is a hefty fine by the FTC if a video is not marked that it is for children. and it is found to be for kids. Parents will no longer be able to exploit their children on YT and become rich. Look up Youtube COPPA.

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Hats off to him! Make and save that money, kid.

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That’s it. Yes, I am a to’al failure at 71.

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