Eilish concert film coming; Rockettes return for holiday


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Billie Eilish sure is exposing herself with a vanity film so soon. At least when U2 made their rockumentary film 'Rattle And Hum' they had several huge albums behind them, several tours and had risen to the status of a superstar group where they've been ever since.

As for the Rockettes, a certain ZZ Top classic comes to mind ; )

And who the heck is this James Blake guy? Another flash in the pan?

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Come on, sport. Give her some credit.

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JimizoToday  02:42 pm JST


Come on, sport. Give her some credit.

Yeah. She may be a little messed up but some good songwriters are. Look at Brian Wilson and Kurt Cobain. Her career has just started. If she doesn't sell out and start pushing this sexual edge, if she truly is serious about her music career, I see a future for her. Out of the current crop of female music stars, she certainly is a cut above. Better than that pop tart crap a la Britney Spears.

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