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Elizabeth Taylor's personal treasures set for auction block


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It would be have been interesting to hear Ms Taylor tell the stories and share her memories of each possession . She had a remarkable life.

Quinn Tivey is the son of Liza Todd, who is the daughter of Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd, and was born in 1957.

And if you google Liza Todd, this horrific statement appears:

*"[Liza was] the last child born to Taylor. ( After going through a difficult premature labor and giving birth to Liza by cesarean section, Mike Todd had the doctors sterilize his wife.)*"

Whatever that means - and it could mean many things - it is confusing. Ms Taylor is also reported as having a "partial hysterectomy" on a date unknown, as well as a full hysterectomy in 1968. The doctors sure did like hacking away at women.

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A woman of her level deserve the best auction. I would like to spend some of my money on her costume jewellery.

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Mike Todd had the doctors sterilize his wife. / The doctors sure did like hacking away at women.

And women sure do like to twist things so as to blame everything on men and their whims. I have very serious doubts that Elizabeth Taylor was sterilized without her knowledge or permission or any believing it was not a medical necessity. Its pretty well known how much Todd adored Taylor and how his sudden death in a plane crash devastated her.

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Oh, well, Norman, since you doubt it, it must be false.

Oh! Or you speak from ignorance of the subject. One or the other.

This was in the 50s and 60s, when hysterectomies were an easy surgical solution to any medical problem suffered by women.

Women have historically been locked up, drugged up, and cut up, by the medical profession and by doctors and the men who sign consent forms without getting the woman's consent. Look into it.

Even into the present day, women do not have complete autonomy over their own bodies, especially where reproductive health is concerned.

Doctors will routinely refuse a single woman's request for tubal ligation, insisting that she get permission from a man who does not exist, ie her future husband. Men seeking a vasectomy, on the other hand, need no permission from anyone.

Ms Taylor's surgery may have been necessary - though less drastic alternatives may also have been available - but I bet she wasn't asked beforehand.

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