Elton John's coronavirus 'living room' show raises $8 million for U.S. charities


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Sure, it would have been amazing. I wonder what sum came from the little person? We don't have much left to give :(

Elton, I know you organised the concert and all, but the icing on the cake would be you then matching the 8 million.

This is a good read about how coronavirus has exposed the true colours of many celebrities (not implicating Elton here).


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Tore, I could not agree with you more.  If Elton, would match the 8 million which would be a drop in the bucket for him that would be a big deal.  What would be more of a big deal not only match that money, however, order N95 masks another 8 million worth for hospitals all cross the States, Italy and Spain where this is hitting the hardest.

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seeing millionaire celebs in their mansions singing, sorry that does not ease anyone's pain

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seeing millionaire celebs in their mansions singing, sorry that does not ease anyone's pain

But maybe the $8mil it raised will.

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Why the nitpicking?

Many celebrities did absolutely nothing but pose and preen on social media. So we should applaud those who went out of their way to help others.

And who's to say John didn't donate anything? Lest we forget her personally donated $1 million to help fight the fires in Australia earlier this year.

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We don't know if Elton John donated money or not but a very worthwhile gesture to those in need of the donations. We shouldn't mock good service. He also donated many millions to AIDS?HIV programs.

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Fair enough. Entertaining is what they do. If they do it for charity, so much the better. People need diversions in hard times.

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