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Elton John: 'I'm more excited about music than ever'

By Philippe Grelard and Eric Randolph

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He’s still savvy enough to know how to rake in the cash…

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Just a pity he cannot sing anymore.

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For a singer/songwriter to not know where to sit or stand I can see why he gets excited by music especially when he is teamed up to do a commercial with Lil Nas!

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Yeah, I saw him on MTV years ago.

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I'm pleased to hear he's excited about it, but I can't say I share that enthusiasm about modern pop.

I don't like Rolling Stone magazine to begin with, but they updated their list of greatest 500 songs last month. The ones from the past twenty years, Get Your Freak On at number 8 (!!) are generally very meh. I think this reflects the poor state of pop music since 2000. Just for comparison, Sight and Sound magazine does a critics' greatest film list, and it includes very few modern films. I think it was last done in 2012, but the Coen Brothers, Tarantino, etc. didn't get a look in.


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Elton has been lost in his rarified celebrity bubble for decades. Working the showbiz machine has become so second nature to him I doubt he even remembers a time when he was honest and real.

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I think Elton is more excited about money. than ever.

The couple of "new" songs sound just like the old songs.

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