Elvis's only grandson dies at 27


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Was being the grandson of the King too much of a burden? This is very sad. Suicide is so tragic, it hurts. My sympathy goes to Lisa Marie, Priscilla and the rest.

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Riches and frame don't always bring happiness.

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Very sad to hear that. End of the bloodline.

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RIP, sad.

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I could reel off a list of artists or family who have killed themselves. But what's the point? It's a burden that makes them as creative as they are but also crippling to their feelings of comefort. Self worth. If you don't like what's on TV change the channel don't like your life change it. It's Suprising. And those that love you will support you.

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At first I thought that was a picture of Elvis, but its his grandson, jeees he is spitting image of Elvis, either way she must be devastated right now.

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At first I thought that was a picture of Elvis, but its his grandson, jeees he is spitting image of Elvis

That is a picture of Elvis, not the grandson.

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No way that photo is Elvis' grandson. That has to be Elvis himself!

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What a tragic family. RIP

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Re the photo. There are two people in it.

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What a sad story. I bleed for Lisa Marie.

I have an acquaintance. His dad dropped out of elementary school, and went on to make a billion dollar (in today's money) deal. My acquaintance grew up in that situation, and his life turned into a mess. He was a complete alcoholic, amongst other things. He's ok now, but it took him years to get through that, and he still has some parts of his personality that are... unpleasant to be around at times.

Some people think being rich is the key to happiness, but rich people end up with their own different set of problems.

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The pic with this article is Elvis. I googled pics of Benjamin - not much resemblance really to Elvis.

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He was not a dead ringer for Elvis, but with a little surgery, he could have been, and could have made quite a career and a quite a name for himself as the most legit impersonator ever.

I know nothing about him, but I do think he must have had much instability in life. His mother divorced his father when he was about one year old and then went on to marry 3 other men in the space of about 13 years.

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The longest period of time it seems he had a proper father figure was 10 years, from when he was about 13 to 23. That was Michael Lockwood. His mother accused Lockwood of possessing child porn and cut him off financially, put their daughters in protective custody and divorced him. Pretty fascinating coming from the daughter of the 14 year old girlfriend of Elvis Presley isn't it?

"She adored that boy. He was the love of her life," Widynowski said

Nothing I am reading suggests she considered him much at all.

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His mother was married to Wacko Jacko for a while too.

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oharaJuly 14  04:57 pm JST

His mother was married to Wacko Jacko for a while too.

That was a rock'n'roll paper marriage, only.

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