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Emerson, Lake and Palmer founder Greg Lake dies at 69


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Lake and Fripp were awesome in King Crimson. RIP Greg

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Another giant gone this year. Ok, I personally felt ELP were bloated and pretentious, even though I like prog rock, but you still have to admire their musicianship and ambition. There is nothing like it now. Maybe Steve Wilson gets closer than most. "I Believe in Father Christmas" brings back a time like few other Christmas songs. And really poignant sentiments. The idea that punk destroyed prog is a nonsense. Maybe for some but there was always room in my mind/heart for both. But it all comes round again.

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Had the pleasure to see Emerson Lake and Powell at the Syria Mosque back in 86. What a lucky man I was. Can still remember Greg playing his 8 string Alembic, Cozy's solo on one of the biggest kits in rock, and Keith stabbing the keyboards with his Nazi daggers. Now all three are gone.

RIP Greg Lake. That doubleneck Zemaitis of yours was the coolest guitar ever made.

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Absolutely LOVED ELP. Thank you, Greg Lake.

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They were ridiculed as the embodiment of pomposity and self-indulgence that rock supposedly stood against.

Bingo. The only positive thing about this horrific band was the backlash that resulted in the punk scene and a rejuvenation of rock music that followed.

Their legacy was cemented in a particularly horrific clip of them in the Ramones doc "End of the Century" playing a meandering 20 minute solo on what looked like a 2x4 piece of construction material.

RIP indeed.

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Hmmm....all these rock cancer deaths. Only Prince went out the classic way.

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Loved Lucky Man, Still You Turn Me On and From the Beginning. Great songs.


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