Emily Blunt on the 'daunting' task of playing Mary Poppins


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I loved "A Quiet Place" - an excellent film. Ms Blunt is a very good actor. Mary Poppins... not necessarily my cup of tea, but I might go and see this. Might.

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I wouldn't say no to a spoonful of sugar from the fragrant Ms. Blunt. She was fantastic in Sicario and the pleasantly lurid Girl On A Train. Not sure about this but maybe it'll be worth watching.

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Excellent actor.

Just sort out the cockney accent for Bert.

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Second the nod to Sicario--that was simply badass. Haven't seen GOAT. Heard it was godawful--worth a view?

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I am a fan of Ms. Blunt, but it is difficult for me to imagine anyone other than Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins. The first movie was so very well done! All of the original actors seemed perfectly suited to their roles. Still, I hope this new movie is a good one.

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Emily will make a great Mary Poppins.

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I didn’t realize how versatile Ms. Blunt was until I saw her in “Edge of Tomorrow”. She is a fantastic actress. And she can sing because the Mary Poppins part 2 is a musical.

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