Eminem reveals more collaborations on new album due Dec 15

By Theo Wargo

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and Skylar Grey wrote "Walk On Water" too with Beyonce. People always act like Beyonce or Rihanna make great songs and are the voice of the people yet all of their music is written by other people.

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Elvis was the king and much of his music was written by other artists.

Welcome back, Slim.

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I doubt she wrote the rap parts of Eminem's songs, just the chorus.

Looking forward to his new album. Eminem is the rap god.

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Eminem is the rap god.

He's certainly up there. I'd still have Rakim at the top, or thereabouts.

Lyrically, I'd have to give a shout out to Chuck D, as well.

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Most rappers write their own raps since rappers grow up doing impromptu rap "battles" where they have to make up their own lyrics right on the spot, so it's in their nature

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People always "act that way" because they don't have any deep understanding of the music industry and how it operates with regard to performers vs singer-songwriters vs songwriters vs producers.

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