Eminem to fans: Thanks for help in dark times


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Love this guys attitude. Says it like it is. I don't like his sound but his lyrics are tight. He is a lyrical genius. Pretty damn hard to be in his business. Lyrics are not that easy to write despite what some might think.

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Why are people who admit their addictions not arrested on the spot? They need to pay for the price just as those who had paid the price before them

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Why are people who admit their addictions not arrested on the spot?

Addiction itself is not illegal - it's a health issue, not criminal.

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@avenger Addiction itself is a "price" to pay... for a lifetime. What punishment can equal or exceed the destruction of oneself, then an agonizing recovery for the rest of your natural life. You don't get cured, you recover or die (see the "27 club", i.e. Janis, Jimmy, Amy, Keith, etc). One more thing "prescription drugs" means there's a pusher with a licence to practice medicine. In this case, Dr. X has $a price$ to pay. Also, I'm not a big fan of rap, but it comes with the territory for me. I do like this guy's ability to relate real life situations. I get turned off by the excessive cussing, but still can conclude that this guy is a gifted composer/arranger/performer who has helped many young aspiring artists (as much as I hate to call some of them artists) and children. I hope he has a strong and drug free network to help him. It's a tough disease (debatable by some) compounded by a tough business and life style.

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I hope the best for him as he continues to work through his personal issues.

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Prescriptions drugs can easily leave your mind mutilated. Many doctors abuse their trust and behave in dubious manners. They are as guilty as street corner drug dealers.

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@avenger: Since it would serve no purpose?

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Pls educate me: prescription drugs mean anti-depression drugs;something Eminem has struggled with since youth. I don't think you can blame him for being addicted. If you suffered from depression, you'll understand the war depth of the struggle and not condemn.

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