Emmy-winning actor Rip Torn dies at 88


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This is sad news. Torn was hugely entertaining as Artie.

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RIP, Rip.

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Larry Sanders, fabulous show, and Rip Torn a fabulous Artie.

Always loved his name.

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I saw his Columbo episode yesterday, the one with the lottery winning nephew.

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What a great talent. I will miss him.

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Loved him in so many different roles! RIP!

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Loved him in Dodge Ball.

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In 1994, actor-director Dennis Hopper said on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" that Torn once pulled a knife in a New York restaurant as he complained about being replaced in "Easy Rider." 

Too bad he didn’t get. The part, that is.

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Too bad he didn’t get. The part, that is.

Maybe, but then Jack Nicholson's career may never have taken off the way it did.

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"but the word got around that I was difficult and unreliable. Unreliable! In all my years in the theater I have never missed a performance."

Its worth noting that there is literally film that exists of him bludgeoning Norman Mailer in the head with a hammer and then trying to choke him to death in front of his own young children during the filming of Maidstone, which probably explains why he had that reputation.

The guy was legitimately nuts. Mailer is too, he bit off part of Torn's ear while trying to defend himself and then put the footage, including of his kids crying like crazy, in the finished film!

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He was awesome!

RIP Rip Torn.

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