Emmys hit new ratings low despite praise for 'remote' ceremony


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Why am I not surprised

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No surprise at all. The infiltration of leftist politics and political correctness Into these “awards” ceremonies over the last several years is now at the point if killing them.

Thats a good thing. Theyll be gone but not mourned.

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Seriously, they should cancel these shows once and for all. No one really watches them anymore.

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So nobody is watching sports or award shows or Hollywood movies. I wonder what trump fans are doing with their time.

Watching old dvds of the apprentice?

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Lowest ratings ever. Perhaps it had something to do with the constant Trump bashing and attempts to insult half of the country.

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Watching old dvds of the apprentice?

Better than watching politically driven personal attacks. And it’s not just about Trump, it’s about attacking any conservative. People could care less what Hollywood thinks about Trump or politics in general. If they want to be politicians, quit your job and run, if not, shut up and do your job and entertain us or we just turn the channel, you can’t exercise your rights to speak out, then we can do the same and turn the channel and that’s exactly what people are doing and with each passing year more and more people are tuning out these self-absorbed ego driven shows.

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More people are watching................. on streaming

Where do ya think the hit shows are coming from

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