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Eric Clapton announces 20th Japan tour


Eric Clapton this week announced his 20th tour of Japan for next year.

According to an official announcement, Clapton will be touring Japan for the first time in two and a half years to play seven dates at Budokan, Yokahama Arena, Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium and Osaka-jo Hall from Feb 18 to 28 next year. Clapton, who is thought to have a special fondness for Japan, has toured the country 19 times and has played in front of 1.7 million Japanese fans since his first visit in October 1974.

In a recent magazine interview, 68-year-old Clapton, who is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his musical debut, said, "I'll quit when I reach 70," leading some pundits to conclude that next February's shows will be Clapton's last live performances in Japan.

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Looks like I'll be off to Osaka Jo Hall early next year then.


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Nice... but too bad people in Japan have horrible taste in music. Mottainai. Go Eric, show them some good music!!!

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Oh, I dunno, I know people with all sorts of musical tastes in Japan. They aren't all J-pop girl bands. Sadao Watanabe, Midori the violinist, heck, even Ayumi Hamasaki has matured in her lyrics since the passing of her father.

But I'd go see Clapton anywhere and love the DVDs of his shows. What scares me is what a ticket will cost.

Oh, I'm taking bets on the average age at the show. I'm betting over 35.....

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Clapton will Never retire!- It's only a Job when you dislike it, and in Slowhands case,, NO WAY! No matter how much money charged for the show You Will Never forget it!

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The tickets for the Budokan are 12,000yen for 'S' seat and 11,000 for 'A'. I've seen Clapton five times and he never fails to put on a great show.

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Wow, "After Midnight", it will be "Wonderful Tonight", "Ain't that Loving You?"

My "Tears In Heaven" for you, Eric!!!!

Hope I can attend........

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