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Erika Sawajiri takes top spot for most TV air time


The first half of 2010 was full of marriages, divorces, scandals and amorous couples on Japan’s celebrity scene. A Japanese PR agency recently ran statistics on which celebrities received the most air time on TV.

Unsurprisingly, scandal magnet Erika Sawajiri took the top place, with her now infamous attacks on the media rocketing her to number one. With a recent divorce announcement adding to her play time, the actress came in with over 10 hours of footage.

Actor Junichi Ishida was number two, helped by his marriage to the significantly younger pro golfer, Riko Higashio. He received nearly daily coverage.

Comedian Kampei Hazama was 3rd, thanks to his globetrotting marathon. Idol group AKB48 took the number four spot, with near-constant group shakeups landing them on TV almost every day.

Comedian and filmmaker Takeshi Kitano rounded out the top five, while Michael Jackson came in at 7th.

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Now ratings of each programme please. Erika will continue to enjoy same popularity till she settles somewhere outside Japan.

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Betsu ni ...

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Oh, look at those legs!! stunning!

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Yeah, she's got gorgeous legs, but if my grandmother saw her in that outfit, she'd call her a "tart" or "floozie."

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Holy smokes!! Erika forgot her pants!

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True she's exposing a big of leg there but those aren't exactly the most feminine-looking hips & waist.

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I guess she had more air time than any of the natural disasters in the world.. earthquakes, floods... not to mention the disaster with the oil... Guess it didn't really affect the Japanese as she does...

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"those aren't the most feminine-looking hips & waist"

Someone needs some new glasses.

I'll be happy if Erika continues to take the top spot for most TV air time for awhile.

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another morally deprived useless human congrats japan you have your own version of paris hilton

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@aksew: At least she adds a little eye candy.

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eye candy yes but with all the beautiful actress and talents here lets talk about the ones who seem to have their head screwed on straight

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I'm with combinbento...maybe it's the angle, but the pic is showing man-legs.

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sheez hot

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She might not have that head of hers fully tightened but at least she not a bland bore like all the other "tarento"`s around...

And for that grandmother...what an musty view of women, she should be ashamed of herself...

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With a recent divorce announcement adding to her play time, the actress came in with over 10 hours of footage.

That's not nearly enough for our supple young sex goddess, IMO.

congrats japan you have your own version of Paris Hilton

Not really. Sawajiri-chan apologized for her bad behavior. Paris Hilton is still a waste of space -- with HERPES.

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Hey, that's foul...

Never ever compare Erika Sawajiri with Paris Hilton.

Sawajiri can act. And uses her head.

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