Erika Toda says she will spend Christmas working in Italy


Actress Erika Toda, 20, launched her 2009 calendar at a book shop in Shibuya this week, handing over copies to 500 fans. Looking back on the year, Toda said, “It went by the fastest I can recall in my 20 years. I could myself maturing."

Asked how she would spend Christmas Day, she said she will be in Italy with her manager for work on that day.

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she must be one of the most overrated japanese actresses. do guys actually think she's pretty???

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Not gorgeous, but pretty? Yes. Still, I don't see her as Misa Amane. If she pulled off that role (I haven't seen the film), then she can act, too.

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Good luck on working Christmas Day in Italy. Maybe she is going to make a Michelangelo movie...

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"do guys actually think she's pretty?"


"Looking back on the year, Toda said, "It went by the fastest I can recall in my 20 years. I could myself maturing."

I could feel myself maturing?

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she must be one of the most overrated japanese actresses

That must be one of the most difficult statements to prove. I have yet to see any female 'talento' on my TV who I could truly be rated as an actress.

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I've heard they have some great tarento agencies in Italy, the best is the one owned by Rocco

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I think this is the lass doing the Nintendo adverts currently running on the Yamanote sen. She's got a nice smile and actually looks better in this JT shot.

Thought Italy would be virtually closed during the Christmas season.

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I've been living in Japan for a few years, at any given time there are half a dozen "red hot" young stars of either sex who are entirely indistinguishable from each other, their predecessors or successors. It seems to me that you can walk into any popular cafe in Shibuya on a Saturday afternoon, grab a cute girl and plug her into the spot of Aragaki Yui or Toda Erika and no one would notice or care after a few weeks. AKB48 seems to be almost a kind of postmodern take on the dime a dozen nature of female idols, but before you scoff you know a couple of them will break out as stars in their own right.

I mean, I'm glad these girls have honest work in a down economy but who are these people who can be bothered to join their fan clubs and buy their calendars and albums? You may as well be a fan of blank sheets of paper.

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The important question is......why didn't they ask her about her love life? It's the norm.

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Wow, you can sure find more primadonnas in the comments section of JT than in Japanese dramas.

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I've only seen her in one movie and one drama and her acting was good. She comes across quite well in interviews too. Definitely not your average 'talent'.

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Yeah I've seen her in 3 and she was good in two and decent in one. Not spectacular, but she has actual talent.

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