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Esquire names Scarlett Johansson sexiest woman alive


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Sorry, Scarlett, but Mila Kunis will always be sexier than you, IMO.

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No offense to this woman, but I see sexier ladies here in Japan just walking on the sidewalk to work or what have you. All the same, congrats, I guess.

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No offense to this woman, but I see sexier ladies here in Japan just walking on the sidewalk to work or what have you.

Meh. Most of those chicks don't take care of themselves down there... total turn-off. Scarlett Johansson any day.

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Esquire don't need to mess her up like that. Yuck!!!

She is naturally sexy.

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Kwa's mass media is still try to control what people think sexy and what not, I see

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How do you measure these things?

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I wonder if the judges have ever spent time in a large Asian city. The eye candy there well surpasses what is seen in Western cities. Nearly all the local Western male expats become converts, testifying to the, ahem, superiority of the East.

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She's a jewel of a character, doods. I don't think the figure on its own carries the sex symbol for the esquires. It's her classy characters, I would say.

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Sexiest woman alive as.picked.by.Esquire.Magazine. Better? I don't understand all the whining going on here.

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Did last year winner Mila Kunis become less sexy after a year? Useless awards by a magazine seeking for notice.

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Its all about opinion.

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I find Japanese women to be hotter, but these are just opinions. It's an American magazine, written for American fans, so obviously it's going to be catered to Americans. Needless to say, most Americans aren't going to have yellow fever.

If Esquire was a Japanese magazine, written for Japanese fans, then odds are high, it's going to have a Japanese female winner.

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