Minami Takahashi, in her wedding dress, appears with her husband in this photo posted on her Twitter account. Photo: @taka4848mina

Ex-AKB48 singer Minami Takahashi gets married on 1st day of Reiwa


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Let's wish them all the best and a joyous union!

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First child was also born one minute after midnight. First minute, first hour of first era year. born in Saitama. Mother Ran Itani and her husband Ryo, both 26, plan to name their son Rui as both of their first names start with an R.

There was a rush for licenses before the ten day break. Wedding places booked solid on May 1st.

Even with AKB48 there is an afterlife. Good luck to them and all the other reiwa couples.

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The guy paying for the wedding is hiding his face. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

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Wish them well but that is a terrible picture!

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He's got a bushy flowery beard

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Congrats to them and all, but ... big deal. A lot of people got married on the first day of Reiwa.

Why do these two make the news? Because she's a famous singer, or used to be?

Sorry, but I have never been a star-struck celebrity-worshiper.

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For a moment, I thought it was Minegishi Minami.... I need coffee.

Minami's in hot water after having caught dating again, after the infamous shave apology...

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Never heard of her, but congrats

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I'm so glad I accepted the reality that I'm never gonna be with her before she announced her marriage. Congratulations Takamina! Hope you will always be happy with your husband :)

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