Ex-pop star Gary Glitter freed from UK prison


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He should have gone to a Vietnamese jail. No release after serving half a sentence and probation there!

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Molest a child and it should be a .45 round to the head. Period. Too many perverts are getting fluff treatment these days and the children suffer.

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He should have gone to a Vietnamese jail.

He did. He was sentenced to (and served) three years there, and then was deported to the UK upon his released.

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At least he did eight years for raping a 13-year-old girl.

Not nearly long enough if you ask me, but better than nothing.

And certainly better than Roman Polanski for committing pretty much the exact same crime.

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Molest a child and it should be a .45 round to the head. Period. Too many perverts are getting fluff treatment these days and the children suffer.

I seem to recall reading back then that Glitter could have been executed if he had been convicted of some of the charges he faced in Vietnam.

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Glitter, Gadd, convicted/sentenced under the Criminal Justice Act 2003, is eligible for release after serving half his sentence under strict licensing supervision. There was little action the justice secretary Raab can intervene to prevent thIs.

From the victims perspective, I would like to see Glitter locked up indefinitely, however society respects the human rights of the most depraved deviants that pose a threat to the most vernable in our communities.

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Good thing that he got caught in Vietnam. If it was in the UK, his celebrity status probably would've protected him the way it did Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Max Clifford, etc. Everybody knew what these sickos were doing but they all turned a blind eye because of their status. Also ironic that the Met Police and Ministry of Justice act all tough about it yet there over a 1,000 cases of rape and sexual assault involving police officers. The two most notorious officers being Couzens and Carrick. Their fellow police officers and high ups knew about these guys for decades yet did nothing. Gary Glitter is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Hopefully, Mr. Glitter has learned his lesson, and can resume hid career entertaining his millions of fans, young and old, allover the world.

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I found him in cambodia in the early 2000s and shopped him to the The Sun which made him run to vietnam and then we all know what happened.

He's been in a picknick prison and will sadly live a lush life until his demise.

Paul Francis Gadd is a POS!

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