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Ex-Takarazuka actress makes solo heavy metal concert debut


Ex-Takarazuka Revue performer Akane Liv, 31, ventured into new waters this week, holding her first solo heavy metal concert at Shibuya's O-East live house on Wednesday night. Under the name Liv Moon, Liv took the stage in a medieval-style red dress in front of 800 fans, performing song "Hisui ~ Nephrite" in her enticing 4-octave voice.

Liv, who performed male roles in Takarazuka as "Akane Kamizuki" until 2004, entertained the audience with a total of 18 songs, some from her December debut album "Double Moon."

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Sounds cool. Wonder if it's on youtube.

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Interesting! Although my first love is (European) heavy metal, I do enjoy some Jrock.

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And her name, Liv, would have nothing to do with another female singing heavier stuff, Kristine Liv from Leaves' Eyes? Still, gotta check it out.

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in her enticing octave voice

What does that mean????? Shouldn't it be 'enticing x-octave voice', x being 4 or whatever her range is? There's no such thing as an 'octave voice' with no qualification of how many octave.

ANYWAY it sounds interesting, I like metal with female vocals....

Moderator: It was a typo and has now been fixed.

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this may sound weird but ex takarazuka women appear to be more mature than the average women on the entertainment business. why is that? they seem more balanced and confident. playing a male character does that to them? I find it easier to listen to the opinions of some of them, instead of the typical kawaii/brainless junk that's seen on tv.

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Japanese music is making strides. It used to be Puffy was the "cool thing" but now you have modern Enka, heavy metal transvestites and cool bands like Love Psychedelico.

Making strides. Not quite there yet though.

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gotta love how there is absolutely nothing on youtube.Ah the marketing geniuses in Japan.

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This is symphonic metal, not heavy metal

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Ooh, interesting. I wonder how difficult it will be to get a hold of her album once it's out.

@XXXXX: I would say the serious, disciplined background in stage acting might have to do with it too. Not to mention that ex-Takarisiennes tend to be in their mid-to-late 20s or even early 30s, as opposed to your typical idols who are often still teenagers.

@Debucho: Wow, could you be more patronizing?

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patronizing? I like some Japanese bands, but let's face it, it is very hard to find original music here.

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Nowt on utube? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGrKNHsbfOo&feature=related

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