Execs eye Sony's Spacey gamble as brave possible precedent

By Frankie TAGGART

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i actually want to see it now just to see how they fixed it.

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Best known for his role in 1965 as Captain Von Trapp in "The Sound of Music," the 87-year-old was reportedly Scott's original first choice before he was pressured into picking a bigger name.

A little revisionism there?

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A little revisionism there?

No, I read stories about Scott wanting to cast Plummer before filming started. He is more age appropriate for the role, Spacey had to wear heavy make up, and a better actor too. Obviously no skeletons in the closet neither.

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Allegations always equal proof of guilt. Especially antonymous allegations from decades in the past.

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The accusation of the past sexual misconduct of famous peoples are out of controlled and peoples are coming out and say the guy sexually assault me or my boy 20 - 30 years ago. All the allegations of sexual misconduct against Kevin Spacy are true or fault but journalists and tabloid Magazines are doing well.

I don't think majority of Movie fans do not care about those allegation and they will watch the movie with best actor. Only problem is moral and ethical standard of film industry and activists will go after Sony.

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That thing that could have (could have not) happened all these years ago does not change his acting skills and career he had before it came to light.

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