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Exhibition on British rock group Queen opens in Tokyo


An exhibition on the British rock group Queen opened in Tokyo this week at the Tokyo Tower Ground floor exhibition hall (where the Michael Jackson exhibition was held last year).

The "Queen Forever" exhibition, which lasts until Dec 11, marks the 20th death anniversary of Queen's vocalist Freddie Mercury. On display are many of the costumes worn by Mercury, including his original black and white harlequin leotard, ballet shoes, the white outfit with black lightning bolts.

The exhibition also includes a Queen cafe at the nearby Tokyo Prince Hotel.

Mercury, 45, died at his London home on Nov 24, 1991.

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Freddie! Ah-ah! He save everyone of us!

A true superhero of rock.

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The most overrated band in history. "Fat Bottomed Girls" was their masterpiece.

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Need to take Family to that exhibit, we truly admire him.

As for the people that say he was gay, so what we appreciate good music because it is good NOT because a singer is sexy, pretty nor for what they do in their privacy of their homes.

RIP Freddie.

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If only HIV cocktails drugs were 'put-together' & available earlier, he would still be alive like Magic Johnson is. Some celebrities who died during those days could also have been saved. The drugs available now are not a cure but they do prolong lives and these rich celebrities can afford them.

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Rock&Roll just isn't the same. Power lungs and power performance every single time.

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Queen were very talented. They produced some of the best music of their era. Japanese talento take note... THIS is talent not frolicking about in Santa outfits promoting cheap and nasty Christmas cake for 7/11.

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If youre looking for singers with a lifestyle theres not much out there-other than Donny and Marie..

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The irony for me is, when I think of Queen, I think of "Keep Yourself Alive".

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Who cares if he was a hunchbacked black leprechaun from Antarctica, he and Queen were fantastic entertainers and did some excellent songs.

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Huh, I was about a mile from Tokyo Tower when I heard about his death, over the radio in a shop. RIP Freddie - and who cares about his lifestyle? It's only rock 'n' roll... :)

Thanks for the great tunes & that incredible Live Aid performance, one of the greatest gigs ever by anyone.

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Bohemian Rhapsody scared the hell out of me when I was a very young kid hearing it for the very first time. But their songs bring back so many memories - a time when music was real music.


Can't say I agreed with his lifestyle.

What exactly do you not agree with? The fact that he did it with men or how he did it or what?

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I'm thick? That's rich! His parents were Indian. He was born Farookh Bulsara in Zanzibar. Please post correct information.

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Sorry about that miss spelling guess my spell checker did not come to my rescue?? any way freddy, freddie, you have to be real thick to not understand who I meant, right?? by the way this is not even his real name, since he was IRANIAN, or born to Iranian parents but out in the UK I can not remember his real name in Farsi.

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love Freddie Mercury and love the Queen, such a great band and what a performer Freddie was!

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FREDDIE Mercury....you ignoramus

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Bohemian Rhapsody was my favorite song.

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Wow, has it really been 20 years already??? Used to love their music when I was younger!

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Don't see what his lifestyle has to do with it, other than ultimately leading to his death. Fantastic voice and showmanship. And an active meat muscle. 10 points for stamina and jest for life.

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Loved the music. Can't say I agreed with his lifestyle.

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I like their music, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Such a cool song! Yes Freddy Mercury died RIP and may their music live on forever!

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