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Exile, 16 AKB48 members to 'perform' with Hibari Misora


A concert to raise funds for victims of the March 11 disaster, titled “Don’t Worry Japan! Songs of love and care from the sky,” will be held at Tokyo Dome on Nov 11. The concert will also commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the death of songstress Hibari Misora, an icon of the Showa era, who died at the age of 52.

The concert was announced by Hibari Productions President Kazuya Ito, who is Misora's eldest son. Performers will include Izumi Yukimura, Hiromi Go and 16 AKB48 members. They will sing some of Misora's greatest hits as well as their own songs. Misora will appear in video footage. It will be her first "performance" at Tokyo Dome since April 11, 1988, when she was fighting against cancer.

Ito told reporters that he hoped the concert would forever touch the hearts of disaster victims by connecting the music of three generations of artists who will go beyond genres and age gaps.

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Ito is famous for milking his mother's legacy for his own profit. Misora was a great singer. Her son is just an opportunist. March 11 tragedy? That sells! AKB? That sells! People's nostalgia for the Showa Era? That sells! A collaboration with AKB16 is like putting a pearl necklace on a pig.

artists who will go beyond genres and age gaps

Yeah, it's all about artists and their music.

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Give us this day our daily AKB48 story . . .

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that is a good thing they are doing for the victums. yes i love that **AKB48 is going to perform

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It's a very good thing they are doing. I hope they can raise good money for the charity, I'm very sure they will. I just hope they will be donating much more from the proceeds than Smaps Charity Album which was a pathetic ¥200 per album sale I recall a few months back. That charity album was priced at ¥3000+ if i'm correct.

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