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EXILE completes 5-dome tour


All male pop group EXILE on Sunday night finished their 5-dome, 13-concert tour, "EXILE LIVE TOUR 2011," at Sapporo Dome.

The tour, which began at Kyocera Dome Osaka on Nov 26, drew about 610,000 fans, organizers said. The group performed its hit songs "Rising Sun" and "Choo Choo TRAIN" among 25 numbers.

At each venue, a 45-meter "Tower of Hope" stood on the stage, a symbol "to make Japan happy" from EXILE, following the March 11 disaster. All proceeds of EXILE's charity song "Rising Sun" have been donated to the Tohoku area.

Singer Atsushi said, "We would like to do our bit to make children's path bright and positive."

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exile, in order not to be seen as profiting from the Tohoku disaster you need to donate a hell of a lot more than proceeds from one song! How about 60-70% of the profit from this tour?

THAT wud be more like charity, between exile & smap they & their mgmt are making a killing on the back of Tohoku suffering.

I am hoping they are in fact donating more than from one song!

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It would take about as many domes to have open space for all the band members! I used to think Exile was a relatively decent band by J-pop standards (which is not saying much), but when they added the additional 12 members or so and starting wearing fedoras or bowler hats that went out the window.

And I agree with GW on the Tohoku thing: bands (SMAP being another prime example) that will give a whopping 3-6% of proceeds (be it a song, a tour, or a concert, or an album) are simply trying to promote their new products by cashing in on the disasters, not the other way around.

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Agreed with the above, and again, not wanting to be a hater, but I'm always confused by the "to make Japan happy" quotes and gimmicks that you see scattered about the place. A 40 m Tower of Hope......surely not. All of us JT readers have loads of Japanese friends, and I'm pretty sure very very few of them could give a monkeys behind about that sort nonsense, so why do these bands, groups and telento seem so intent on belittling the J public. I and the J wife are inspired by the Japanese Football girls, even Asada Mao in the last couple days, but Exile's tower of hope......

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Is that "dome" as in "dome-dome", i.e. an abbreviation of "domestic"?

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kids and women like them...

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they have enough dancers to fill 5 domes.So many members they can buy their own cds and get rich.

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