EXILE to provide theme song for movie 'The Last Message'


Idol group EXILE is working on the theme song for the upcoming film “The Last Message.”

“The Last Message,” set for release on Sept 18, is based on a popular manga series, "Umizaru," that details the lives of a group of rescue divers. A film adaptation hit screens in 2004, with a television drama going on air later in 2005. A second film was released in 2006 and struck box office gold, bringing in a reported 7.1 billion yen.

“The Last Message” will be the third film installment.

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Blegh, Exile. Some 40 years olds in 20 y.o clothes acting like some rappers, thinking they are cool. And such a shame for using their music for Umizaru.

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How many of them actually sing? 2? 3? The rest are just back-up dancers...

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I saw the trailer for this yesterday, looks like quite possibly the worst film ever made. I'm sure it'll be a huge hit

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The dumbest music for the dumbest film; FAIR!

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Dressing like that, on an individual basis, will help you stand out, but collectively, they look like a group of school children who just finished painting class and got their smocks all messy.

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Do some of them use black shoe polish?

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I actually find it quite insulting that JT would classify EXILE as an "idol group", because they are NOT a idol group! They are actually a music/vocal group that actually have significant musical talent! So to refer to them as a "idol group" is insulting to their musical talent, and I am greatly disappointed in JT for calling them a "idol group" when they are clearly NOT one. In Japan, the definition of 'idols' and 'idol groups' are "artists" who are in a inferior category to the higher level that EXILE are at.

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