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Experience the real terror of a giant monster attack with the upcoming 'Escape From Godzilla' game


Over the years there have been a lot of exciting puzzle-based activities in Tokyo. There’s the yearly Tokyo Metro Underground Mysteries, a challenging puzzle that forces players to navigate through the Tokyo subway system to find the answers. There have also been escape games like the anime-themed "Attack on Titan Real Escape Game," and the far more terrifying haunted house puzzle room "Escape from an Urban Legend." These group-based puzzle games have been gaining increasing popularity for their thrilling and challenging fun.

But what could make a fun afternoon spent solving high-pressure, challenging puzzles with your friends even better? Why, Godzilla, of course! In the newest escape game from prolific puzzle room production company SCRAP, not only will participants be solving puzzles, they’ll be trying to save Japan at the same time. And it’s not puny old-school Godzilla they’ll be taking on in “Escape from Godzilla”; he is, though scary, too small to be a serious threat to modern Tokyo. No, we’re talking about the evolving, enormous, and terrifying Godzilla from the latest installment, "Shin Godzilla."

In this thrilling escape game set in the world of "Shin Godzilla," you play a member of the Giant Unidentified Creature Special Disaster Countermeasures Office in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, and of course, you have to take down Godzilla before he destroys not only all of Tokyo, but all of Japan. The official web page tells the story as follows:

“Japan’s peace crumbled away in an instant with the news:

Godzilla is destroying Tokyo with every step he takes.

At this rate, Japan will be annihilated.

The government must protect their citizens,

so they gathered experts from various departments and created the Giant Unidentified Creature Special Disaster Countermeasures Office (aka: Kyosaitai).

You are a member of the Kyosaitai.

Your weapon: Japan.

The Self-Defense Forces, the research institutes, the government…

If you don’t make use of everything Japan has, you won’t be able to defeat Godzilla.

It’s do or die. You pick up the phone and make the call.

‘Mr. Prime Minister, we have a way to kill him.’

The battle to determine the fate of the country starts now.

You vs. Godzilla.

Who will win?”

It sounds like it will be an action-packed, challenging, and probably terrifying experience. Of course, solving puzzles will be a main component to the game, but it seems like you’ll also have to juggle resources to create a strategy, all the while somehow convincing the prime minister to accept your plan. While gory videos of Godzilla destroying the city play in the background, can you withstand the pressure and focus on the task at hand to win this intense escape game?

The "Escape from Godzilla" game will be held in the first basement floor of Tokyo Mystery Circus, in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. The games will start on April 26, 2018. Tickets will cost 3,800 yen per person, but buying tickets from the home page ahead of time will save you a little chunk of change, especially if you buy a group ticket. General ticket pre-orders for sessions in April, May, and June will start on March 17, but if you are a member of the SCRAP Fun Club, you can book your game earlier, and get some sweet limited-edition goods too. However, those who can’t speak Japanese may want to bring a friend who can, as it looks like this game is not in English yet.

With all the cool fan service events happening this year, like the Sailor Moon 4-D attraction and Final Fantasy virtual reality roller coaster at Universal Studios Japan, it seems like a good year to be a fan of Japanese movies, anime, and video games. Don’t miss out on these great events before they’re gone!

Source: Tokyo Mystery Circus via Otapol

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I suppose it will be all over by November when I go to Japan... :(

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