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Fact or fiction? UK govt says 'The Crown' should be clear


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I watched the final episode of S4 last night, and was disappointed that the writers stirred the pot of the silly conspiracy theory that Philip arranged Diana's murder.

The media - ie the press and programs like this - are just as responsible, if not more so, for the nastiness around the royal family as the meddling royals and politicos have been.

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What... Netflix "not accurate"? Color me shocked lol.

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'The Regina Corgi Woman'' - I'd laugh if it was even remotely funny. Sad.

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Just started watching this morning. Luckily there is no spoiler if the Regina corgi woman dies or not.

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BoJo story next: The Clown.

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Well, They are not stopping at 5 seasons any longer. 6th (and final( has been commissioned. It's good fun and anyone with half a brain couldn't possibly accept that its all true. Surely?

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I found the scene where Prince Andrew talks about Koo Stark to be an obvious dig at his present 'situation'. He describes, lasciviously, her "blue" movie, in which a 17-year-old schoolgirl is chased by a whole lot of dirty old men.

They are quite right to stop at five seasons - any more is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I'm surprised they've got away with as much as they have so far.

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A depiction of Prince Andrew?

Why bother, the recent Panorama interview is the reality.

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How should we depict Prince Andrew then?

The Royals have more ‘fact’ that blows any fiction that could ever be produced, away!

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The Crown (four series) are a fictionalized dramatization, for effect the characters are fictitious story book representation of purported historic events.

I liked all four, the wicked over the top sometimes cruel parody. The ludicrous characterizations, in many respects’ invention to their real-life counterparts.  

Gillian Anderson Margaret Thatcher is a cross between Thatcher’s sitting image puppet with added flesh and blood, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The dialogue is laugh out loud sit com at points

It a mega budget comic book creation, think Keeping up with the Windsor’s.

Good fun, not to be taken seriously.

The writers are undoubtedly anti monarchists. The depiction of  Australian PM Bob Hawke is frankly plain nasty.

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“This government is a beautifully produced work of fiction."

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I agree with most of what the historian says but pushback against him quoting studies that say a disclaimer was “reasonable and yet pointless.”

He says the studies concluded “It invariably doesn’t have an effect ... people believe fiction when it’s presented as fact — even if you tell them it’s not fact.”

Maybe so. But how hard is it to put such a disclaimer at the start? I suppose I feel one of the MAJOR issues we face in our media is this blending of fact and fiction, and so we should go above and beyond to be clear about recognizing that there are differences.

Seems a small thing to change but one that, if enough consciousness was raised, it might dissolve some of the dangerous hardening of beliefs that are happening in our world.

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All Netflix needs to do is insert a disclaimer: "all real characters appearing in this work are partly fictitious while the stories are part fiction based on true events."

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I think the Royals are peeved since the Diana character comes across as smart and a little sassy, and better than the whole lot.

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