Fans ask Nintendo to name 'Zelda' character after Robin Williams


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Whatever you do, make sure that his name or likeness is not subject to copyright laws.

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I don't see why they shouldn't do this. I think its a proper tribute for person who express such a fondness for the game that he actually named his daughter after one of the characters. Just call him "Robin"...don't need the "Williams"part...we'll know who he is.

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Well they were both in a comical for the DS Ocarina of Time 3D port. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bINUfbLV_0M

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It would be fitting if his family approves as well as the game creators.

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not sure naming a computer character in a fantasy game "Robin Williams" makes anty sense nor is any kind of tribute.

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Yes this is a fitting tribute to Robin. Make it so number 1 make it so.

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Very expensive. It is copyrighted and so groups can donate plenty money each other to push their wish. There are many cases of copyright infringement cases in which copyright holders won. In this case, family can not approve. This lawsuit will be fine with Nintendo, It does not have to advertise anymore. Their commrtcial and ad budgets will be 0 on this. /maybe it and others will be glad to be sued for their products in future?

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I'm not sure it's a good idea. I like RW as much as anybody, but the guy killed himself. It doesn't seem like the right message to send to people who are considering the same thing. "Hmmm... kill myself and maybe get immortalized in a a popular game..." (or whatever)

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If Nintendo used his image and name. then lawsuit is possible with his family. Nintendo did not use.

Example of lawsuit involving a star and production company. On May 4, 2011, Donna Douglas filed a federal lawsuit claiming that Mattel and CBS Consumer Products used her name and likeness for a Barbie doll in the Classic TV Collection without her authorization. The suit alleged that packaging for the "Elly May" Barbie doll featured a photo of her portraying the character. Douglas maintained she never endorsed the doll or gave Mattel permission to use her name to promote its sale.

On December 27, 2011, Douglas settled her suit against CBS Consumer Products and Mattel, in which she had been seeking at least $75,000. In the lawsuit Douglas claimed CBS and Mattel needed her approval to design the doll, while CBS and Mattel maintained that they didn't need her consent or approval because the network holds exclusive rights to the character. Details of the settlement were confidential; however, both sides claimed to be content with the outcome

This case differs. Nintendo profits was down last quarter. I am pretty sure Nintendo is glad this lawsuit will make its game sales amount up. Youngster who are not familiar with or never watched Robin Williams films but buy Nintendo games will know Nintendo has another game and Nintendo will have better sales without additional ad costs on TV.

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I think we are talking about two different situations here. It could be that Donna Douglas probably had absolutely no interest in being immortalized as a doll. It could be that she despised Barbie dolls and didn't want any part of it. Or, (keeping it real) it could be that she really didn't mind that Mattel created a doll in her likeness, but saw an opportunity to capitalize on the situation in a form of a civil suit against a multi-billion dollar company. Whatever the case may be with her, I doubt that this could be applied to RW or his living family members.

In the case of RW, it was very clear that he had a deep fondness for this game, to the point where he paid tribute to it by naming his own daughter after the main character. As a father of a girl, I personally didn't take naming my daughter lightly, and I would have to REALLY like something A LOT in order to name her after it. After all, the kid has to live with this name for the rest of his/her life (unless he/she legally changes it of course)

Having said all this, I think that the living relatives of RW, especially his daughter Zelda (who is also an avid gamer and stated that the Legend of Zelda is one of favorites) , would be thrilled and honored to have his name immortalized in a game h adored and followed. Of course, Nintendo should ask for permission, but I can't imagine the Williams family saying no to this.


"Hmmm... kill myself and maybe get immortalized in a a popular game..." (or whatever)

I think that that is a slippery slope argument. No one is going to kill themselves with the expectation that they will have a character named after them in a game.

Although I don't think RW's suicide is a particularly "courageous" act or an "okay" thing to do, but I don't think it outweighs all of the good things he did for people during his life. He really did help a lot of people, with no exception of media attention or retribution. Not to mention that he is a darn good and versatile actor. If Nintendo doesn't do this, it would be a damn shame. I don't particularly follow Zelda, but I don't think it would hurt to add a character named "Robin" to the roster.... and again, there is no need to use the name "Williams", because it would be more than clear to those who do follow the game who that character is.

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@mirihayashi: I think this group should ask the femily of RW first to get permission. Then the femily can negotiate with Nintendo if they want. It is hard for children when they attend school. They may be rediculed with their names in school. Like people whose names were mickeym minny, popeye quite a while ago.

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@toshiko - you can put a persons likeness in the game as long as it is parody. so they can alter the name a little and the look slightly. Everyone knows its Robin Williams but not officially. World of Wacraft does this all the time for people like Adam Eternium or Haris Pilton.

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