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Fans call out Ariana Grande for misspelled Japanese tattoo


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I guess she doesn’t have any Japanese-speaking friends.

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Apparently, she "fixed" it by adding the character for "finger".

Now it reads, "七輪指" or BBQ finger. lol

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I heard a rumour that Brittney Spears has a tattoo of the kanji 変. don't know if its true. But considering the crap english I see everywhere, Ariana's mistake is tiny

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I see incorrect Kanji tattoos on many military personnel.

Hey, it happens. When you go cheap on ink. It's to be expected.

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She is not really to be blamed, it certainly does mean seven rings, but the Japanese have a strange thing about names for things connected with fires, as noted, a grill is called ‘seven rings’, a trivet is ‘five virtues’ (gotoku 五徳) and a fire shovel is ’ten abilities’ (junō 十能).

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七輪 really does mean 7 rings, just not specifically the rings that you put on your fingers (which are yubiwa). Everybody calls the 5-ringed Olympic Games 五輪, and the Book of Five Rings is 五輪の書. As kanji tattoos go hers isn't that bad at all.

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七輪 really does mean 7 rings

The characters are 'seven' and 'ring'. But a shichirin, written with those kanji, is a small BBQ. So no, it doesn't mean 7 rings in English.

It's like if someone got a shirt that said 'give head' in English. Sure, it technically would be 頭をあげる in Japanese, but that's not actually what it means.

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Its Chinese, not Japanese.

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indivudually they could be read as seven rings, just like the 五輪 implies the 5-ring olympic logo as Than said. But as you alluded, certain combinations of letters/words in any language can mean something totally different, just silly like BBQ, and X-rated like giving head.

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Just say it's traditional Chinese

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These entertainers need to learn before bragging. Being vegan - there is no separation of diet from ethics. If you want to eat a plant based diet, go for it, but that alone does not make one vegan. You'd also have to go down the clothing route (leather, suede, fur, wool, etc), as well as a long list of other products (toothpaste, soap, laundry detergent, etc). I didn't read anywhere about her giving up on her designer leather bags, wool sweaters, etc. Total BS.

As for the tattoo, add her to the army of morons walking the earth with kanji tattoos which don't mean what they think it means. Not to mention her speaking as if she can suddenly read Japanese ("i left out the other characters."). And she fixed it but thanks to her doctor for lidocaine shots - uhg.

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How utterly stupid that we obsess over what these "artists" have on their tattoos and similar.

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skin on the palm regrows faster than that on the rest of the body and tattoos there usually fade.

Never seen a palm tattoo.

It's like if someone got a shirt that said 'give head' in English. Sure, it technically would be 頭をあげる in Japanese, but that's not actually what it means.

Well don't leave us in suspense, Stranger, what does that actually mean? Tee hee!

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Never seen a palm tattoo.

Enson Inoue (Japanese-American MMA fighter, born in Hawaii, now lives in Saitama) has, among his plethora of other tattoos, "Yamato Damashii" on his palms.

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